Have Your Say on Treatment of Animals for Consumption

Article excerpt

THE Welsh Government has opened a consultation on how it can maintain high welfare standards for animals that are slaughtered in Wales for human consumption.

The consultation is a response to a European Union Regulation, due to come into force on January 1, that will set minimum European standards for the treatment of animals at the time of their killing.

The regulations will impact on the significant number of animals killed or slaughtered annually in Wales.

These are: | 49.3 million poultry | 3.8 million sheep | 36,000 pigs | 139,000 cattle | 18,000 calves | 226 deer | 258 goats The Welsh Government said it wants to ensure that the new European standards - otherwise known as Regulation 1099/2099 - do not result in a lowering of welfare standards for animals slaughtered here in Wales. The consultation is seeking views on: | The legal obligations in Regulations 1099/2099 | Plans to implement stricter rules to help maintain current welfare standards in Wales where these are already higher than in EU Regulation 1099/2009 | The gathering of information about non-stun method of slaughter. …