Twitter Is Essential to Open Debate; Keen Twitter User, Welsh Secretary David Jones, Tells the Daily Post, How Vital Today's Social Media and Twitter Is as a New Form of Mass Communication

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LIKE all the best ideas, it''s a wonderfully straightforward concept; tell the world what you''re doing or thinking in no more than 140 characters. And that''s it. That''s Twitter.

Since it was launched just six years ago, Twitter has been astonishingly successful.

More than 500 million people have signed up as users; every day, some 340m Twitter messages, or tweets, are transmitted over the Internet. Twitter is ubiquitous. No matter what happens anywhere in the world, someone is tweeting about it.

I''m a regular user of Twitter, and have been for almost five years. . To support visit (www.homepage Right to At first, I didn''t "get" it; it seemed almost banal. And then I began to appreciate its simplicity.

At its best, a tweet can be as elegant as a haiku, a distillation of a truth into the most exquisitely economical form of expression.

Of course, it can also just be banal. Nevertheless, the fact is that, for millions of people the world over, Twitter has become a form of communication as routine as the telephone or e-mail.

Politicians are among the most prolific users of Twitter, and for very good reason. To the politician, effective communication is key. Voters need your DAILY POST and access Tweet form to know what their representatives are doing on their behalf and, even more importantly, their views on the big issues of the day.

Last week, Wrexham County Council stopped a Daily Post journalist using Twitter in the council chamber; it was, the council said, contrary to standing orders. For the same reason, a member of the council has also been prevented from tweeting.

Well, it's not up to me to criticise Wrexham council''s interpretation of their own standing orders. …