Watch for Hypocrisy in Democratic Party

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Watch for hypocrisy in Democratic Party

President Obama's decision to embrace millions in contributions to his inaugural committee is just another example of the many positions on which Mr. Obama has done an about face now that his re-election is secure. Prior to his election, the president criticized the Supreme Court decision that allowed superPAC contributions and continued to rail against large donor influence during the campaign. He argued that big money neutralized the individual and/or small donors. He lost that argument as evidenced by the millions of dollars spent in the election campaign. But, he won the election so the argument no longer matters. Also, the president's inaugural committee will not be voluntarily identifying donors as it did in the 2012 election year. So much for transparency.

I suspect that the Democratic Party as led by Mr. Obama will predictably become interested in big-money influence sometime in 2015 -- conveniently in advance of the next presidential election. At that time, I wonder if we will remember the hypocrisy of this moment. I'll bet big money we don't.

Ronald Bearwald


State pension solution: bankruptcy

For the past several weeks, the taxpayers of this state have been deluged with information about how bad the state debt is, and the largest contributor is the pension provisions of state workers and teachers. Guess what, other large companies faced with the same problem have not only found the solution, but executed the fix and are now back to business.

What I'm talking about is to declare bankruptcy and when you go to court to reorganize/pay the debt, kill the pension plans and turn them over to the Pension Guarantee Board of the U. …