BOGUS AT WHEEL Z Blue Light Car Chase Fantasist Has Sideline as Catholic Priest in Web Church; SERMONS AND

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Byline: Exclusive By Mark McGivern

A FANTASIST who posed as a policeman on a high speed car chase to impress a neighbour has another alter ego - as a priest.

One-legged David Barclay has established himself as an unlikely leader of an international church group.

And their website is looking for new priests and donations from the public.

As His Excellency Monsignor Father David Barclay, he claims to be one of the British heads of the Church of Our Lady and Saviour, part of the Western Catholic Orthodox Church.

At his right hand is his wife Ruth - known as the Reverend Mother Supreme Ruth.

Among an array of services, jobless Barclay's church offer to carry out weddings and funerals.

Earlier this week, we told how Barclay, 37, of Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, took neighbour on a high-speed car chase his ne 19 saying he worked for the police. …