History of Art Buff; Fashion Model and Cambridge University Graduate Lily Cole Swaps the Catwalk for Art Studios in an Artfully Insightful New Series

Article excerpt

Q: This is your first foray into presenting. What attracted you to the series? A: It was the student or the artist in me. I was drawn to the idea of spending that time with the artists and then trying to communicate their perspectives to a wider audience.

Q; You studied History of Art at Cambridge University. How did you become interested in the subject? A: My mum is an artist and I was brought up in a very creative environment. Art has always been incredibly important to me. In its best moments, whatever the medium, it allows a free anarchic spirit of expression to be channelled that, I think, is of fundamental importance to our world. Seeking to find a voice as yet unfound, ears closed to contemporary noise - it's the way new horizons are drafted.

Q: What can we expect from the series and how does it differ from other programmes about art? A: It wasn't planned in the way most programmes are. I fought to try to make the structure as loose and spontaneous as possible, then asked the artists for their input on how we spent the time. I know this was challenging for the producers but I wanted to create a very relaxed, informal space with the artists, so they would feel comfortable to be themselves. This is how the best conversations I've had in life have always come about. Hopefully what you have is an honest and more intimate reflection of the person and thoughts behind the work. And it was more fun for me.

Q: During the series, you meet artists from all over the world who work in different styles and mediums. Did you find that their practices and motivations varied? A: The polarities within the mix were intentional, and hopefully you learn something from their differences. They spoke different words, and expressed them in different languages. You'll have to watch the show to figure out the nuances. …