Follow Gov't Rules, Contractors Told

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines --- The Quezon City Engineering Department (QCED) on Wednesday warned private contractors of penalties and stiff sanctions if they fail to follow government construction regulations.

Joselito Cabungcal, Chief of the Quezon City Engineering Department (QCED), said that his office is taking advantage of the fair weather to repair roads to ease traffic congestion as the holidays near.

Aside from road repairs, Cabungcal said that his men are conducting de-silting and de-clogging of canals and other waterways to lessen flooding incidents during heavy rains.

In a meeting with the contractors, Cabungcal reminded them to maintain the highest quality of their work, cautioning them to "shape up or ship out'' to avoid being blacklisted from all infrastructure projects in Quezon City.

"I will not hesitate to recommend the blacklisting of non-performing and stubborn contractors who continue to disobey the standards set by the Quezon City government,'' Cabungcal said.

He cautioned them against using substandard materials that may cause the premature wearing and tearing of government projects or even endanger the lives of the public. …