Cloud Portal Enables Anywhere, Anytime Access to Online Resources of Florida District: Stoneware's webNetwork 6.1 Consolidates Internal and Third-Party Tools for Clay County Schools Administrators, Teachers, and Students

Article excerpt

Florida was one of 12 states to receive federal education funding through the Race to the Top grant program in 2010. In January 2011, Florida used part of its RTT grant money to equip every district with a local instructional improvement system (LIIS) that meets data access and use needs for classroom instruction and district operations. Clay County Schools, located west of Jacksonville, used most of its funds on a student information system. However, something was still needed to unify all of its web resources.


"We were facing the challenge of managing the move to digital content, as well as many, many online assessments," says Carl Hendrick, chief information officer. "We needed to be able to access resources outside the school day in a secure way."

The state required that each district's LIIS include at minimum an integrated, secure, role-based access environment that gives teachers and administrators the ability to create, store, and share instructional resources, district staff information, and learner profiles on each student.

What Hendrick and his district needed was a cloud-based delivery and management system that could meet these requirements and store large amounts of data while being simple to maintain. After developing a list of their own needs and talking to a few similar districts, Hendrick's team selected webNetwork 6.1 from Stoneware for its flexibility and ease of deployment, as well as recommendations from other districts.

webNetwork 6.1 allows schools to gather all their information systems, student resources, and more into one central cloud. The cloud is secure and can be accessed from a web browser without a VPN. The interface was built to work seamlessly on any machine, including mobile devices. Most users typically have a variety of passwords for their applications. Integrating the applications into the webNetwork cloud eliminates the need to manage these passwords, as it functions with single sign-on. …