Philosophers Set for Trip Back in Time to the Third Century; MAJOR CONFERENCE HEADS FOR ST MICHAEL'S COLLEGE

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EVEN a young Keanu Reeves would have been impressed by the line-up coming to Wales a fora major conference on a school of third-century philosophy. y In Reeves' zany film comedy Bill and Ted's ' Excellent Adventure, Socrates was brought to the 20th century in a time-trav t -elling phone booth to discuss his philosophy - and was persuaded to gig in the college students' band.

And more than 100 delegates will be transportis ng i themselves back, in sprit at least, to the time of early Greek philosophy for the Internatio r nal Society for Neoplatonic Studies' (ISNS) annual a conference next month.

Neoplatonism is a form f of Platonism originating with the philosopher Plotinus in the third century AD.

He developed a unified theory of everything which lies at the root of such diverse phenomena as medieval Christian, Jewish and Islamic mysticism and philosophy, y Romanticism, and even psychedelic Rock.

Up to 100 delegates will be attending from June 12-15 at the Conference Centre of St Michael's ' College Llandaff, hosted by the Cardiff University Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture led by Professor Josef Lossl and Dr Nicholas Baker-r Brian.

The ISNS promotes the study of Neoplatona ismn in all its forms. r At the Cardif r f f confern enc r e, topics as divers v e asa Neoplatonism and Modern Art, Philosophy and Prayer, Pr hilosophy asa Way W of Life and Plotinus, Einstein and the Universe will be discussed.

The confer f ence also includes a publu ic lecturt e on Wednesday, y June 12, on The Neoplatonic Aristotle between Alexandria and Baghdad - the story of how ancient Greek philosophy made it into the Islamic world.

The lecturer will be Dr John Watta from Cardiff University. y Attendance is free and will be followed by a drinks reception.

Professor Josef Lossl said: "This is an exciting event for us. We have delegates from as far afield as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, the whole of the United States and from many European countries. …