Group's Hi-Tech Approach to Hauntings

Article excerpt

THEY ain't afraid of no ghosts...

John Simcock and his fellow team members at Haunted Investigations are certainly the people to call when you're confronted by the supernatural.

Over the years the Widnes-based group has been called out to all kinds of unexplained phenomena across Merseyside and the north west and, indeed, the world.

"We approach any investigation with an open mind," says John.

Formerly part of Hope University's parapsychology research group, their motives remain the same: to try to offer a scientific explanation for a seemingly abnormal occurrence, or to ascertain whether there is something 'paranormal' going on and to record the evidence in their growing bank of research.

They make no claims to be able to tell you why what is happening is doing so, nor to rid anyone of it - "We have a priest we know who can bless a house if someone is disturbed by any activity," adds John - but they do guarantee that the service they offer is without charge.

"A lot of people think something strange is going on but can't explain what or why," says John. "We get them to fill in a questionnaire to ask them to think what's happening. A lot of things could be due to infra sound frequency, there are lots of rational explanations. …