Solon Wants Warning Labels on Contraceptives

Article excerpt

Manila, Philippines -- A woman lawmaker wants hormonal contraceptives being sold or distributed to have a warning label saying they are dangerous to health.

In filing House Bill 2392, Cebu Rep. Gwendolyn F. Garcia also wants to make it illegal to sell or distribute hormonal contraceptives to minors.

HB 2392 seeks to regulate the packaging, sale and advertisement of hormonal contraceptives and to penalize the retailers or distributors for selling contraceptives to minors.

The bill seeks to have all packages of hormonal contraceptives to contain warning: "Hormonal Contraceptives are Dangerous to Women's Health."

"This bill is filed to promote awareness on the adverse effects of hormonal contraceptives and protect Filipino women from the health hazards associated with hormonal contraceptive use," said Garcia.

The bill also aims to safeguard the morals of the youth by prohibiting the sale and distribution of hormonal contraceptives to minors," she said.

HB 2392 provides that the health warning should be located on the most visible side of the package and should occupy not less than 50 percent of that side of the package, including any border or frame and should appear in clearly legible type in black text on a light background and in contrast by typography, layout or color to the other printed matters on the package. …