Climate-Proof Storage Solutions Up

Article excerpt

Grains storage provider GrainPro Philippines, Inc. has offered its innovative storage solutions to ensure the country's agricultural produce are safe and intact even during natural calamities that frequently visit the country destroying not just agricultural plants but also grains storage facilities.

GrainPro Philippines President Thomas DeBruin said that they have been manufacturing innovative grains storage solutions in the Subic Freeport since 2007 for the export market and the domestic market.

"All our products are designed with weather and the negative impact of floods in mind. It is unfortunate, that there are still many farmers and distributors that haven't tried these products. They know all too well how floods can easily decimate food supplies," said DeBruin.

"We manufacture innovative storage solutions for dried agricultural food crops like rice, corn, coffee, etc. The DA is among our major clients," he added.

The recent floodings in Olongapo and other areas in the country as a result of typhoons and the monsoon rains have pushed this American firm to aggressively market now its products to the domestic market.

Such spoilage could've easily been avoided if suppliers used modern innovations in storing their rice stocks. Technology being produced nearby provided what could've been the solution to this yearly and costly problem.

GrainPro, which was established since 1992, has been in the business of developing and distributing ultra hermetic™, or airtight, storage solutions for dried agricultural food products such as rice, coffee and corn, just to name a few. …