Study of Microcomputers Sees Increasing Use in Banking

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Study of Microcomputers Sees Increasing Use in Banking

The accounting firm of Arthur Young & Co. thinks the increasing use of microcomputers in banking may eventually cause the ratio of bank assets per employee to double or triple from its current level of about $1 million.

Arthur Young's national banking group conducted a study of microcomputers in banking for the Bank Administration Institute. The report, entitled "Applied Micro Integration for Financial Institutions,' was discussed at the closing session here of the BAI's third annual microcomputer conference, called MicroScape-84.

"As microcomputers shrink in size and become more powerful and less expensive, their availability to executive management and employees to increase productivity will become even more widespread,' the report says.

It points out that a direct result can be an increase in the ratio of bank assets per employee, which is one measure of bank efficiency.

"Initially,' Arthur Young says, "the major changes in technology will affect how financial institutions deal with customers at the contact point.'

The report lists four results of having information available at bankers' fingertips:

"Lending officers can visit a customer's office, draw information from the customer's own computer system, analyze the data, and propose a financing package in one visit. …