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Information Update

In between meetings of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), COSD Forum will provide information relative to individuals with disabilities within the Olympic Movement. Some information or ideas may be those of the USOC Disabled Sports Service Department as it relates to ongoing issues and, therefore, may not necessarily reflect the final position of the USOC Executive Board. Such comments are meant to provide insight into issues being examined and are not intended to misrepresent the subject matter.

1999 DSO Retreat

Every two years the Disability Sports Organizations (DSO) are brought to the USOC for a retreat. The purpose of this gathering is to receive an update on USOC programs and services and engage in productive interaction with various departments within the USOC. The DSO Retreat for 1999 will be held April 15-16, 1999, at the Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The USOC will financially support two representatives from each DSO to attend.

The agenda for this meeting is being compiled. Some of the major topics being addressed will be--collaborative marketing agreement-USOC/DSO; DSO/NGB vertical integration; formula allocation revision; comparison of programs analysis; program funding; and National Paralympic Committee developmental plan. The remainder of the agenda is being produced and will be presented for discussion at the retreat.

Vertical Integration Task Force

Recently, President Hybl commissioned the development of a Vertical Integration Task Force to examine the issues of DSOs' vertical integration into National Governing Bodies' (NGB) programming efforts and long range funding for programming relative to athletes with disabilities. Vertical integration is a concept long discussed within USOC circles. Vertical integration simply means the assimilation of elite disabled (DSO) athletes into mainstream NGB programming efforts, inclusive of all programs and services afforded NGB elite able-bodied athletes. …