House Panel Okays Gun Bill Which Undermines Local Authority

Article excerpt

The House Judiciary Crime Subcommittee approved a measure that would exempt current and former officers from state laws that prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons across state lines. The measure would apply to officers carrying valid identification cards issued by a law enforcement agency.

The measure, the Community Protection Act, (H.R. 218), is extremely problematic for cities and towns. NLC believes the measure undermines local laws and regulations which set standards for local law enforcement on issues of training and retraining.

The Chief Law Enforcement Officer of a state or local government is legally responsible for the transfer of a firearm to a law enforcement officer.

State and local law enforcement agencies dictate policies and procedures in training and tactics for handling firearms, including the level and type of firearm training, the particular type of weapons the department uses to meet the circumstances most likely to confront officers and, the use of force - which is increasingly important to law enforcement agencies across the country.

This measure weakens these long standing policies and procedures and mandates local governments accept armed police personnel within their local jurisdiction who may not be aware of the local rules, regulations, training, protocol and command controls. …