Security Council Focuses Efforts on Africa Policy

Article excerpt

NEW YORK - Africa will dominate the agenda of the U.N. Security Council even more than usual this month, culminating in a rare meeting of the foreign ministers of Council countries, according to U.S. Ambassador Bill Richardson.

"Our goal is to focus international attention on Africa to develop a coherent approach to both the conflict and the long term needs of the continent," said Mr. Richardson, who will preside over the council for the month of September.

He said the group, including the secretary general and others, will discuss the sources of conflict, longterm political stability, peacebuilding efforts, as well as poverty and development needs.

The ministerial meeting is scheduled to take place in New York on Sept. 25, during the opening of the U.N. General Assembly.

There have been fewer than a dozen such meetings.

"This should be the month of Africa," said Mr. Richardson, who estimates that 60 percent of issues considered by the Security Council involve the troubled continent.

Among the issues the council will consider this month:

* A briefing by U. …