Dole Defends Trade Accords: Hits Buchanan in N.Y., Georgia

Article excerpt

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. - Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole warned voters in Pat Buchanan's biggest New York stronghold that protectionist trade policies would drain jobs from the beleaguered Buffalo economy.

"There's been a misunderstanding," Mr. Dole told about 50 employees of Enidine Inc., a locally owned shock-absorber manufacturer that exports more than half of its production. "Somehow, we don't need to trade, we need to set up barriers to trade. We don't need to import, we just need to trade with each other in America and it's all going to work out all right. Well, it doesn't work that way."

Mr. Dole made a similar defense of free trade in Georgia, the biggest prize among the 10 primaries and caucuses today. He was joined in Atlanta by Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas, a native Georgian and former college economics professor.

"For those who say we can't compete . . . let them come here," Mr. Gramm told a crowd of Dole supporters at Central Recycling Metals in Atlanta. "Right here at this recycling business, we have proven over and over and over again that free enterprise is alive and well."

Two weeks ago Mr. Dole acknowledged surprise that the issues of trade and stagnant wages figured so prominently in the New Hampshire primary, which he lost to Mr. Buchanan. He's responded with stump speeches designed to debunk Mr. Buchanan's contention that free-trade pacts have shipped high-paying blue-collar jobs overseas.

From warm Atlanta, Mr. …