Internet Becomes a Classroom: `Telerobotics' Set for College Credit

Article excerpt

For the first time, NASA and the University of North Dakota are offering a live course in "telerobotics" on the Internet.

The experimental course, from Jan. 22 through March 26, will enable students to attend virtual classrooms on the Internet and to earn college credit. Telerobotics is the operation and control of a robot at some distance from the workplace.

"The project is designed to demonstrate a new and unique distance-learning technology model that has not been attempted at this advanced level for college credit," said Mark Leon, a senior executive at NASA's Ames Research Center in California. "At the end of the course, students in this class will be allowed to drive a robot at a distance from their remote sites."

"Our intention is to present an evaluation of the course at the Internet Society Conference to be held in Malaysia in June 1997," he said.

About 70 people from seven countries and 40 states have registered for the course, which requires computer experience and a bachelor's degree in space, engineering or science.

Anyone can visit the home page (http://www. …