Al Fayed's `Sorrow' for Dead Rival Tiny

Article excerpt

Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed yesterday spoke of his sorrow at the death of his great rival Tiny Rowland.

The former head of Lonrho, who died in a London clinic, had been suffering from skin cancer. He was 80.

The death brings to an end one of the bitterest business feuds of the 20th century, which began over the control of London's Harrods store.

Mr Rowland was considered to be one of the most controversial and colourful business tycoons of post- war Britain.

He appeared to have met his match in the series of battles with Mr Al Fayed.

But last night, Mr Al Fayed said: "Tiny Rowland and I were business rivals for many years but I take no joy in his death.

"I am sending my condolences to his widow and family."

Mr Al Fayed's spokesman said the latest legal row between the pair was expected to end.

Last week, Scotland Yard announced that Mr Al Fayed would not face any charges over claims that contents of Mr Rowland's safe deposit boxes at the store had been stolen.

In April the tycoon officially accused Mr Al Fayed of offering him a pounds 10million bribe to lie to a Parliamentary Select Committee in support of the Harrods owner's bribery allegations against former Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard. …