Thaw in Digby and Booty Relations out on the Piste

Article excerpt

I hear that love has broken out on the ski slopes.

Yes, sweet Digby Jones and shy Richard Boot are friends again, according to the latest reports.

Can such a Valentine's Day reunion ever have been so poignant?

You may recall how Richard, KPMG's corporate finance supremo in Birmingham, was, shall we say, a little taken aback apparently to discover that Digby was arriving in his department from lawyers Edge & Ellison as some sort of international whizz-kid.

Speculation was rife that "Booty" had thrown his rattle out of the pram and was refusing to go with Digby on the Arse First Club annual visit to the piste.

Well, he went.

And it seems the snowballs at dawn duel never actually happened.

Nevertheless Hollywood is bidding for the film rights and it is reputed that Nigel Havers has signed to play Booty while Marlon Brando is to be Digby.

It always pays to be as far away as possible when the bombs are going off.

Hence when KPMG and Ernst & Young called off their merger, putting the regulatory spotlight on the planned marriage of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, David Hollingsworth, Birmingham senior partner of PW, was apparently enjoying life to the full on holiday in Madeira.

Clearly he has learned from colleague Philip Baldwin who has always been abroad and out of it every time the firm has been linked to a merger down the years.

I bring you a tale from the wonders of Virgin's West Coast line.

It is 11.45pm and the last Birmingham bound train out of Euston is leaving. It is also the night of the England versus Chile match.

And into one of the first class carriages piles a crowd of England football fans in an ugly mood - England had lost 2-0.

And out marches the real first class passenger in search of the guard.

He eventually finds the terrified man and demands that he ejects the hoodlums forthwith.

To which the guard responds in a hunted but defiant tone: "This is Tony Blair's Britain and I am not interfering."

The revolution is clearly on track.

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