BARDOT AND FONDA GURU DIES AGED 72; Vadim Loses Cancer Fight

Article excerpt

FILM director Roger Vadim, who made French actress Brigitte Bardot a star, has died at 72 after battling cancer.

Vadim was best known for And God Created Woman, which brought Bardot instant fame while still a teenager.

The couple met when she was just 15 and he became enthralled by her long, graceful, dancer's legs.

Vadim was behind her early career as a fashion model before introducing her to the cinema.

Her pout became instantly recognisable after the role in And God Created Woman as a young married woman finding sexual freedom.

The scene of her dancing barefoot on a table remains one of the most famous scenes in French cinema.

Vadim, who was born Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov in Paris in 1928, married Bardot when she was just 18 and he was 24.

Talking of And God Created Woman, he once said: "There was nothing shocking in what Brigitte did. What was provocative was her natural sensuality. You wouldn't ask Rodin to make an ugly sculpture, or me to make a film with an ugly woman. …