Kelly's Face Values; RECORD WOMAN EXCLUSIVE: Lorraine Tries out More Alternative Remedies in Day Two of Her Three-Part Guide

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Can you tell your iridology from your quartz crystals? TV's early bird teams up with JULIA CLARKE to road-test some complementary cures

Scots telly favourite Lorraine Kelly turned to alternative medicine to heal a painful shoulder.

The morning show presenter suffered for months before she turned to an acupuncturist for help.

Lorraine, 35, said: "I was a bit scared at first, but it was very successful."

Now she's a big fan of complementary medicine and enjoys regular aromatherapy sessions.

So she was thrilled when we asked her to road-test the complete A-Z of alternative health and beauty treatments at London's exclusive Hale Clinic and prestigious Sanctuary health spa.

Today, Lorraine tries out treatments from I to Q ...

The eyes really are seen as windows to the soul when it comes to health. The iridologist was convinced he could tell Lorraine about her health by shining a light in her eyes and examining the iris.

He explained: "The coloured part of the eye is made up of connective tissue linked to the central nervous system and each part of the iris relates to a part of the body.

"We can spot changes in tissues or organs before symptoms develop."

He told Lorraine: "There is some calcification in your shoulder. That could lead to pain there."

The gobsmacked presenter admitted she had a recurring shoulder problem and said she'd consider having further treatment.

The iridologist advised her: "Your diet is too acidic. Avoid alcohol and try eating cucumber. You should also avoid drinking any fluid when you eat so that your digestive juices can work more effectively."

Fruits and vegetables are great body cleansers and extracting their juices can give your health a kick start.

Juices can help with many ailments, such as...

Acne: juices rich in beta-carotene and zinc help. Try juicing three carrots, 6oz cherries and one nectarine.

Coughs and bronchitis: juice 4 tangerines, half lemon, 1 tsp honey.

Colds: juice handful of watercress, quarter cucumber, 4 oz white cabbage, 2 cloves garlic.

Headaches: 2 oz sweet potato, half red pepper, 3 stalks celery.

Recipes from Juicing For Health by Caroline Wheater.

Klamath green algae is a food supplement that is said to boost the immune system and aid nutrition.

It is a wild and organic wholefood composed of 60 per cent protein and has been used in the treatment of allergies and toxic build- up.

Like many people, Lorraine says she hates the lack of daylight during winter.

She said: "It can make you feel a wee bit down when you're not getting any sunshine. I think we all feel so much healthier in summer."

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition that causes depression, lethargy and insomnia during the winter months.

Light therapy has been successful in treating SAD and, it's claimed, conditions ranging from insomnia, menstrual and menopausal problems, skin problems and bone and joint conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. …