GORGEOUS DUNC'S THE HUNK FOR GILL; LOVE POTION: Duncan and Gillian Get Close on Their Date

Article excerpt

Duncan Murison, 24, a student from Blackheath, south London chose Gillian Hall, 19, a dentistry student from Preston, Lancashire as his Blinding Date. They went to London's Planet Hollywood and got on so well that Duncan is planning to stay with Gillian when he goes on a stag night to Blackpool in a few weeks time.

Here they reveal how passion flared on their night out.


His rose was

so romantic

Duncan was about 40 minutes late because the traffic was really bad, so by the time he arrived I was feeling a bit cheesed off.

To be honest, I thought he'd stood me up. But when he did eventually get there he looked just as gorgeous as his photo.

I loved his big smile and twinkly eyes. He came straight over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and apologised profusely for being so late.

I immediately forgot I was angry and thought: "Ah, isn't he sweet."

From that moment we didn't stop talking.

Both of us lead a similar lifestyle - we tend to study quite hard during the day and then go out and party at night.

We had some really funny conversations about the north-south divide because I'm from Preston and Duncan's from London.

I don't think I was as girly as he expected. He suggested ordering lots of cocktails and I think he was impressed by my ability to keep up with him as a drinking partner.

We got on so brilliantly and I think we both fancied each other right from the start. He kept telling me how gorgeous I looked and we sat very close all evening.

By the end of the meal we were openly kissing at the table, which is something I've never done before.

Next day we went for a picnic in Hyde Park. Then we window-shopped in Knightsbridge and he joked about buying me sexy underwear.

Later on he disappeared, saying he needed to get some cigarettes. When he came back, he'd bought me a big red rose from Harrods. I was really touched.

He took me to the station and we had a big hug. It was very emotional. I had such a romantic time with Duncan, I would love to have stayed longer.

I'm not sure if a relationship will develop because of the distance between us. But whatever happens, he was worth travelling 200 miles for.


We snogged at the table

Within 30 seconds of meeting Gillian I knew we were going to hit it off.

She looked stunning in a fluffy white coat and tight trousers that looked like they'd been sprayed on.

When we sat down I realised what a chatterbox she was - but that was a plus point because I love to talk so we were a good match. …