Bensenville Elementary Students to Spend More Time on Music, Art

Article excerpt

Students in Bensenville District 2 will have more time for art and music next year.

But approval of the district's newly unveiled initiative won't end the debate over how much art and music should be taught to students.

Under the new plan, students will alternate between 40 minutes of music and 45 minutes of art a week every nine weeks. Twenty minutes of music will also be offered each week to kindergarten students during two quarters of the school year.

Parents, however, who have been urging the district to offer more time for fine arts said they will continue to press administrators to reexamine the board's new fine arts plan.

"We will not go away. We are not being heard," said Sue Latoria, a parent who has been urging more time. "Music can reach out to everyone in the school system."

Parents have proposed that a part-time teacher be hired for music and extend instruction for one year. They would like to see art addressed in the following year.

But, district officials said they wanted to tackle the fine arts issue without spending any additional money. …