Corell Stresses Rule of Law in Int'l Relations

Article excerpt

Visiting U.N. Under-Secretary-General Hans Corell has strongly advocated a bigger role for international law in the future, as well as that of the United Nations as a world body championing the rule of law amid a rapidly changing international order.

Corell, who is on a five-day visit to Korea at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs-Trade Ministry, made the remarks during an interview with The Korea Times.

``We have established a tremendous amount of agreements. I can tell you if these agreements were fully obliged, the world would look different from what it is today,'' he said. ``So it is not so much a question of drafting new laws all the time, but the question of abiding by the dictates of the laws that we have already agreed upon,'' he said.

Corell, the U.N.'s top decision-maker in the field of legal affairs, during his stay here attended three seminars on such topics as humanitarian intervention, the current status of international lawmaking in the United Nations and current legal issues facing the United Nations such as the situations in Kosovo, East Timor, Cambodia, etc.

``Basically, you cannot interact without a determined legal international order. This is my message,'' he said.

Corell said the Millennium Report to be submitted to the Millennium Summit in New York in September will also stress on the necessity of the rule of law.

``The first one we will focus on is peace and security, the second one is poverty, the third one is environment. All these pose serious threats to the mankind. This is why the secretary-general invited all the states to focus on these issues,'' he said. …