The Reconstruction of Palestine

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THE RECONSTRUCTION OF PALESTINE Edited by A.B. ZAHLAN. Published by Keegan Paul International ISBN 0 7103 0557 5 Price 19.95 [pounds sterling]

The Reconstruction of Palestine presents opportunities and challenges unparalleled in modern times. Comprehensive development in Palestine will take place alongside the creation of entirely new political, social, economic, technological and cultural structures and institutions.

Urban and rural reconstruction are among the most enduring and far reaching activities which Palestinians will undertake -- the coming decades. The long historical process of national self-expression and development is reflected in the present revival of construction activity in its many forms.

This timely and important book provides the basis for understanding the vital issues raised by prolonged occupation and dispossession. National, regional and international experiences are represented in a rich variety of papers which discuss the issues, options, policies and strategies involved in urban and rural reconstruction.

Taken from the proceedings of a conference which took place in November 1995, this volume focuses on institution building. …