Residents List Teen Drug Use, Drinking as Top Concerns

Article excerpt

People in Mundelein are happy with the police department, but believe teen drinking and drug use, burglaries and drunken driving are very serious problems in the community, a new survey shows.

Respondents also praised the department for the approachability of its officers and success of neighborhood police patrols.

"This shows the community is satisfied with the direction that the police department is moving, and they're satisfied with what we're doing for the community," Mundelein Police Chief Raymond J. Rose said.

The anonymous, four-page questionnaire was mailed to 2,874 randomly chosen residents and merchants in June. A total of 819 were returned, or 28.5 percent.

"For them to take the time and the effort to fill out the survey and send it back to us is another measure of the relationship we enjoy with the community," Rose said. "They're communicating with us and they're comfortable in doing it."

The survey was split into three parts.

The first section asked people to rank police services, such as neighborhood patrols, parking enforcement and emergency response times.

Overall, nearly 73 percent of the respondents were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the police department. That's down about 2 percentage points from an identical 1998 survey, which also had a higher response rate. …