Computer Security Service Emerges as New Biz

Article excerpt

As more and more hackers have sent wake-up calls to system operators in recent months, services offering safety measures to corporate clients are emerging as a promising business area.

According to the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), the number of cases in which computer hackers and viruses damage unprepared systems is surging.

Companies and individual users are fighting a bruising battle with ever more sophisticated hacking and a variety of computer viruses, with cases of damage showing no signs of abating.

Alarmed by increasing break-ins by cyber intruders, system operators are scrambling to find saviors who can rescue and protect their vulnerable computer networks.

As a result, the scale of information security business is expected to skyrocket to 40 billion won this year, a 400-percent increase from a year earlier.

In March, a college student was caught stealing classified material related to a strategic satellite from an online network of KAIST, prompting system operators to re-check their own security mechanisms against semi-professional hackers.

Last month, a hacker broke into a college network system located in the southeastern city of Taegu, splashing pornographic materials over its websites and damaging the entire network.

Particularly worrisome are groups of hackers who covertly install illegal hacking programs on PC game room networks and use them as a beachhead for efforts to break down computer systems. …