Korean Universities Poor in Attracting Foreign Students

Article excerpt

Most of domestic universities have poor resources for attracting foreign students, such as a small number of courses in English and lack of opportunities for scholarship.

As a result, next year, the government is determined to grant state subsidies to universities depending on the number of foreign students enrolled and arranging academic fairs for students from Southeast Asian nations and republics of the former Soviet Union.

In a survey on foreign students in Korea conducted early this month, the Education Ministry said that 218 of the 350 state-run and private universities and two-year colleges nationwide have one or more foreign students, totaling 6,160. But the figure represents a meager 0.2 percent of the total number of students enrolled.

This is the first time that the ministry has conducted a survey on foreign students at higher educational institutions in Korea.

As many as 76.4 percent, or 4,705 foreign students attend 114 private universities and colleges, 20 percent or 1,234 students are enrolled at 32 state and public institutions and 3.6 percent or 221 at 72 junior colleges.

Only 7.5 percent, or 19,349 of the combined total of 259,004 courses are given in foreign languages, mainly English, with 6.4 percent in state and public universities and colleges, 8.0 percent in private institutions and 7.5 percent in two-year junior colleges. …