Kairos Spiritual Retreat Deepens Seniors' Faith

Article excerpt

Byline: Jordan Rullo

Since the fall of 1995, Rosary High School seniors and faculty have participated in the Kairos Retreat.

The purpose of this retreat is to help students become closer to God and to each other. Two retreats take place every school year.

This year the first retreat was held on Dec. 8, 1998, and the second on March 16. Each lasted three nights and four days.

"It's just wonderful," said Janice Kalita, a religion teacher and former Kaironian. "It's an excellent spiritual experience and community experience. The food is great, too!"

Six students are carefully selected to lead each retreat. To lead Kairos, these students are required to have already participated in it. Therefore, six juniors must be chosen to attend Kairos with the seniors so that they can lead their first senior retreat next year.

The first Kairos Retreat leaders were Amanda Driessen, Meghan Wollangk, Cathy Neidlinger, Lisa Kramer, Christa Pepitone and Jackie Marchand.

"Kairos is the best experience I've ever had," Pepitone said. "The 'feeling' can't be explained, but you always come home a happier person. I love God, I love Kairos, I love everybody."

"Kairos is a wonderful experience. …