Beebe Students Master Works of Art Departing Class Graces Playground with Famous Re-Creations

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Byline: Christie Hart Daily Herald Staff Writer

Students in every graduating class probably would like to think they're leaving a mark on their school, and the fifth-graders at Beebe Elementary School are no different.

But the mark they're leaving at the Naperville school is quite literal - and quite artistic.

The students are re-creating masterpiece paintings on the school playground.

"Each year, the fifth grade leaves something permanent for the school," Beebe art teacher Mary Parks said. "We've done murals and other things inside the building, and this year we wanted to do something outside."

All year, students have been studying the painting masters, classic artwork and painting styles, Parks said. They've looked at everything from impressionists to modern works.

Now they're re-painting the art they've studied, using the four-square game lines on the playground as their ready-made frames.

Each game grid ultimately will hold four recognizable paintings representing a single style, Parks said. The children have plans for frames to include Munch's "Scream," Van Gogh's "Starry Night," Degas' "Ballerina," and Renoir's "Two Sisters. …