2nd Soccer Brawl Spurs Evaluation of League

Article excerpt

Byline: Carmen Greco Jr. Daily Herald Staff Writer

Reports of yet another fight between soccer players at Pioneer Park in West Chicago has drawn increasing concern from park district officials.

During the last two weekends, fights have broken out between opposing teams in the mostly Hispanic America's Soccer League.

"This is something we're not taking lightly," park director Dave Thomas said. "This is something that must be dealt with."

During the first brawl on Sept. 8, one of the players sustained a broken jaw. The second incident this past weekend also saw spectators join the soccer fight.

Thomas also said players were not very helpful to police in identifying the people responsible for spurring the fights.

Two security guards hired by the park district to monitor soccer games called for back-up from West Chicago police before canceling both games.

Thomas said teams involved in the fights were given one-game suspensions.

Park officials, meanwhile, will re-evaluate the program and possibly make new recommendations for next year's program, Thomas said. …