Hovland Upset with Media Portrayals of Her

Article excerpt

Byline: Steve Warmbir

During her sentencing hearing this week, Germaine Hovland, convicted of trying to kill her baby, bristled at the way she had been portrayed by prosecutors and in the media.

Hovland was sentenced to 18 years in prison, but before Circuit Judge Brendan McCooey passed sentence, she had a few things to say for herself.

Hovland insisted she never deliberately intended to kill her baby when she left her in a construction trash bin behind Hoffman Estates Medical Center two years ago. The baby was rescued.

Hovland said she had been a good mother to her two little boys.

Her lawyer, Dennis Born, noted to the judge that there were no reports of abuse or neglect regarding those children.

Prosecutors had pounced on the irony that when Hovland was arrested for abandoning her baby, she wore a necklace with a "No. 1. Mom" charm on it.

Hovland, however, defended herself.

"I am a No. 1 mom," she told the judge.

* * *

Myth turns reality?: Hovland hid her pregnancy by claiming a cancerous tumor in her belly caused her weight gain.

She feared she would split up with her husband if he found out she was pregnant. He was not the father of the child.

But now, Hovland might face some serious medical problems.

Hovland indicated in court that doctors had taken 10 biopsies of her cervix and uterus.

She said she will receive the results of the tests this week and next.

* * *

Technical twist: A former Long Grove resident, who was found innocent of delivering heroin to a teenage girl but convicted of a less serious charge, might not be punished at all.

Justin Kaufman, 21, was convicted in June of possessing heroin.

In February 1996, Kaufman rode along with a friend, Jason Feldman, and a 16-year-old girl, Rebecca Krimm, on a trip to the West Side to buy heroin.

When they reached the neighborhood to buy drugs, Kaufman and Feldman split up while the girl remained in the car, according to court testimony. …