Jesus Christ Alone Has the Power to Conquer Death

Article excerpt

Byline: The Rev. Robert F. Abbott is pastor of Calvary Temple, Waukegan.

My son owns a golden retriever. He is a beautiful animal, extremely gentle and very strong. An accidental swipe of his tail sends my young grandchildren sprawling. He is "people minded," allowing my 18-month-old granddaughter, Haley, to get on top of him and issue commands: "Stay, Orson," or "(S)peak, Orson, peak." He doesn't mind, especially when he gets doggie treats.

An natural swimmer, "Orson" loves to frolic in the water (or snow), but when he comes out, to avoid a chill, he shakes that strong body - every inch from flapping ears to the last hairs of his tail - so vigorously that he's soon dry.

Orson is a service dog to my son who has muscular dystrophy, so we'd hate to lose him, but someday we inevitable will, because there's one thing he nor any other creature can shake off - death.

Death is so final, so cold and unforgiving. There is no recourse to its visit, no way out. No anger or pleading changes it, no one ever comes back from its grasp nor has power over it or beyond it. Millions of tombstones and grave markers stand in mute testimony that those caught by death are gone and soon forgotten. This we know as an unshakable fact.

Not Buddha, a Roman god nor any religious prophet can with any verification lay claim to power over death. Neither can one point to a chemist, mathematician or any scientist who has successfully thwarted the angel of death. …