Gaul Keeps Activities Office Running Smoothly

Article excerpt

Manning the helm of Buffalo Grove High School's busy student activities office is secretary Pat Gaul, who finds solutions, soothes conflict and organizes chaos in a diplomatic, efficient manner.

Her easy-going disposition and enthusiasm for everything that concerns that school won her the title of Staff Member for the Month of September, as nominated by the school's custodial staff.

Building and Grounds Supervisor Jim Lemm says, "When I deal with Pat about problems with the building calendar or activities usage of the building, she always finds the answer, which makes for a smooth-running ship."

"Pat is a very hard-working and dedicated person who is also someone we can consider our friend. She is here from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. sometimes," says second-shift custodians Jeff Rubio and Bill Feltz.

Gaul is quick to praise the custodial staff for their commitment to the school.

"They are the nuts and bolts of BGHS," she says. "Everyone depends on them to keep things running, clean and' comfortable. There are times during the day and evening when we help each other perform our jobs more efficiently. We're a good team."

Gaul often stays late to wrap up paperwork or help oversee evening activities in the building.

"I wish there were more hours in the day to complete all the tasks involved in student activities," Gaul comments. "There are days when you plan projects and never begin them, because other more important requests have taken a higher priority. …