Library Employees Don't Want Patrons Reading Their Names

Article excerpt

Byline: Robert Sanchez Daily Herald Staff Writer

Patrons of Lombard's Helen M. Plum Memorial Library will soon be able to place a name to library employees, thanks to name tags.

However, several of the library's employees said they prefer to remain anonymous.

The library's board of trustees Tuesday approved a plan that would require all library employees wear name tags.

"By making the staff wear name tags, we are making them more accessible to patrons and more friendly," Trustee Jim Wiet said.

But several library employees said a fear of unfriendly patrons has them thinking the name tags are a bad idea.

"I feel 99.9 percent of the patrons are very nice," employee Jan O'Connell said. "But sometimes we get a patron who becomes angry and demands to know your name.

"It's very scary to have to give your name to a person who is irate at you," O'Connell said.

Library employee Linda Roberts said she was afraid women working at the library could becoming stalking victims.

Many of the trustees said they did not see the name tags posing a threat. …