Ex-Elgin Township Official Finishes Jail; Rest of Debt Remains

Article excerpt

Byline: James Kimberly Daily Herald Legal Affairs Writer

Looking worn and tired after three years in a federal penitentiary, David J. Reinert appeared before a Kane County judge Friday to work out the details of the community service and restitution he still owes.

It was the first court appearance for the 60-year-old former Elgin Township supervisor, who admitted embezzling more than $557,000 in township funds over an 18-year period, since his release from prison Sept. 3.

Reinert is considerably thinner than he was in September 1993 when he pleaded guilty to federal charges of mail fraud and tax evasion and a state charge of felony theft. He wears a scraggly gray beard. His eyes appeared swollen and red. He would not answer any questions about himself outside the courtroom.

Reinert wore a blue sports coat, gray slacks and tie similar to the outfit he wore when he entered into the plea bargain before Judge Melvin E. Dunn nearly three years ago to the day. Also similar to the scene on Sept. 23, 1993, Reinert once again got an earful from Judge Dunn.

"I want Mr. Reinert to understand that this court takes a very strong position with violations of trust, which is what occurred here," Dunn said.

Dunn said he did not agree with the plea bargain that gave Reinert a 6-year state prison sentence in exchange for his guilty plea to a count of felony theft.

Because non-violent state prisoners serve roughly half their sentences and because Reinert's state sentence ran concurrent with his federal sentence, Reinert was released from custody without ever having to serve a day in a state prison.

"I am fairly chagrined to see the (Illinois) Department of Corrections has chosen to give Mr. …