Cary-Grove Takes Steps to Keep Prom-Goers Safe

Article excerpt

Byline: Tony Reina

The 1996 prom for Cary-Grove High School juniors and seniors was May 3 at Seville Banquet Hall in Streamwood and was a special evening in a year that nobody will forget.

Thankfully, it was a safe prom night for all in attendance. This year, when teachers and faculty advised students to play it safe, they apparently heeded the advice. Undoubtedly, memories of this year's tragedy burned the lessons into the minds of CGHS students. Just five days earlier marked the six-month anniversary of the bus accident that killed seven students and momentarily tore the community apart.

The prom song was "Open Arms" performed by Journey. Even though the dance hall was small and the crowd was large, it was hard to find any prom-goers bored; all were dancing and celebrating. The bus accident was not mentioned by the DJ nor the chaperones. It was something that we all held in our hears but did not have on our minds. …