War on Terror: He Can Not Hide : Where the World Stands

Article excerpt


BELGIUM: Will send troops to help U.S. retaliation.

BRITAIN: Blair has pledged to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with Bush. Working to bring other European states on board.

INDIA: Offered to allow U.S. to use its facilities. Has a big Muslim minority.

ISRAEL: U.S. says Israel giving vital intelligence support on militants. PM Sharon has refused concessions to Palestinians but U.S. hopes to recruit Muslim nations for its anti-terror alliance.

ITALY: Has said it will join a military response.

KUWAIT: Has offered "all possible help".

PHILIPPINES: Has expressed all-out support for any use of force by the U.S. - including possible use of its air and sea ports and ground troops.

SPAIN: Has offered air bases, promised to act "without any reservations".


BANGLADESH: Has pledged support. Denies that U.S. has asked for use of airspace.

CANADA: Has pledged support but not clear whether it includes military help.

EGYPT: Cooperating with U.S. hunt for attackers but urges Washington not to jump to conclusions.

FRANCE: President Chirac has said it will be "totally supportive". PM Jospin said it was up to Paris to decide how to help retaliate.

GERMANY: Defence Minister Rudolf Scharping suggested it could join military response. Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer expressed caution.

INDONESIA: World's biggest Muslim nation's vice-president Hamzah Haz condemned the attacks but warned U.S. not to make Islam a scapegoat.

JAPAN: Struggling to reconcile its post-World War Two constitutional neutrality with loyalty to its key American ally.

JORDAN: Would be at the forefront of countries ready to join a coalition but largest opposition party has issued edict banning any Muslim participation in such a coalition.

PAKISTAN: Previously backed Taliban government. Has now offered full cooperation with U.S. Yet to decide on specific help. Fears Taliban attack if it helps U.S.

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: President Yasser Arafat has called on Arab states to declare readiness to join a coalition. …