BABY BIBS KILLER GETS DOUBLE LIFE SENTENCE; Monster Dad to Serve Minimum of 15 Years

Article excerpt


BABIES killer Darren Jenkinson was branded a monster and given two life sentences yesterday for murdering his sons.

Trial judge Lord McEwan recommended the double killer should serve at least 15 years behind bars.

The 29-year-old father had admitted holding his babies' tiny legs to stop them struggling as he suffocated them with their bibs.

His wife Frances Jenkinson, 24, had stood by him throughout the trial into the murders of two-month-old Aaron and Jacob, aged three weeks.

But yesterday she was not in court to see her husband caged and is now suing for divorce.

Jenkinson stood shaking in the dock at the High Court in Glasgow as Lord McEwan told him: "To take one life is terrible indeed, but when it is you own child it is monstrous.

"But to murder both your children is a crime beyond any words that I can find to describe it.

"Both these murders are aggravated by cruel attempts to murder both children. They were innocent, helpless victims who deserved to live the life that they had hardly begun."

The judge said a change in the law will do away with the system of recommended sentences from next month.

Lord McEwan said: "I may be criticised for doing it but, in the public interest, I feel I must make a recommendation.

"I propose to recommend that, in respect of each life sentence, a period of no less than 15 years before you are considered for release."

Jenkinson, who was given a total of 12 years for five charges of attempted murder, will serve all three sentences at the same time.

Frances stood by her husband for years believing he was innocent until a confession at the end of his trial.

When he admitted to her face that he was guilty of killing their children she washed her hands of him.

Outside the court the family lawyer, Gary McAteer, said: "Mrs Jenkinson stood by her husband from when he was first charged with murder two years ago until the end of the trial. …