Say 'No' to Nuggets and Lose Yourself in Autumn

Article excerpt

GUESS what? Autumn food is just the answer for people wanting to lose weight. And it must be true, because Britain's most serious chef, Raymond Blanc, says so.

For those of us who didn't quite get round to that spring diet to ensure we fitted into a bikini, then lo and behold, we get another chance with the autumn diet. Seems like what we must do is snack on sensible, nourishing foods and stop eating the children's left-overs.

So put those nuggets and smiley potato faces down.

You can lower a calorie intake by 500 a day with such a dietary change, plus a daily 30-40 minute walk and home-based strengthing exercises three times a week.

Well, you can't say I haven't told you over the last whatever aeons it is that I've been writing these diaries.

But the key to zapping your 500-a-day habit is in acquring new inspiration for making quick, nourishing meals that can also be prepared for all the family.

But what to do if you are bored with beans, carrots and peas? Or have eaten enough grilled, plain lean chicken and salmon for you to start sprouting fins and feathers?

The good news is that you can take advantage of the great seasonal food in the shops. Raymond Blanc has made a huge success out of making traditional dishes lighter, so that they reveal subtle tastes and textures without losing any of their goodness. …