The Year That Was: Exceptional Year for Ulster Marketing Surveys

Article excerpt

2001 proved to be an exceptional year for Ulster Marketing Surveys, not only conducting a wide variety of high profile studies, but also through the extension of our research services in all business sectors throughout the whole of Ireland and the UK.

Ulster Marketing Surveys has always emphasised the business value of research, and this year saw continued investment in a number of our relatively new service areas namely, `Catalysis' our policy evaluation and social research division; the UMS Telephone Research Centre comprising some 40 PC stations conducting large scale local and international telephone research on an on-going basis: and the UMS qualitative lab, which, with its state of the art technology and viewing facilities, has hosted up to 20 clients at any one time, observing, at first hand, the thoughts and opinions of their customers via group discussions.

The truth of public and business opinion has always been at the heart of our work at UMS.

Objectivity, integrity, and clear-sightedness are critical contributors in achieving these ends, so with this in mind in February of this year, we applied for and were successfully awarded at the first attempt, both of the top quality accreditations in market and social research, MRQSA and ISO 9001, being approved by SGS Yarsley ICS. MRQSA (Market Research Quality Standards Authority) is the comprehensive quality standard developed by the industry throughout the UK; ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised quality standard and reflects the authority of our programmes of research. …