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MOTORISTS should consider applying anti smash-and-grab protective film to vehicle windows to deter carjackers, the RAC said yesterday.

The suggestion is particularly suitable for drivers in areas which have become carjack hotspots, it added.

They include Salford in Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne and parts of west London.

Carjack victims of late have included former Tory ministers Steve Norris and Edwina Currie and TV personality Anthea Turner.

The RAC's campaigning arm, the RAC Foundation, said carjackers tended to target such items as mobile phones, expensive watches or laptop computers.

Most cases have taken place when vehicles was waiting at traffic lights.

The foundation is advising motorists who fear becoming victims of car-jacking to consider putting protective film on the windows.

It prevents people seeing inside and reduces the likelihood of opportunistic thieves attacking cars for their contents.

Protective film has largely been used for cosmetic purposes in vehicles - either as a widow tint or to cool the car's occupants in hot weather.

Recent improvements in the film, which is largely used in South Africa and North America, mean it offers benefits from external attacks. …