Aim to Improve Post-16 Education through Welsh; FENTO: Standards Published for Bilingual Teaching

Article excerpt

NEW standards have been published for bilingual teaching in sixth-form colleges in an effort to improve teaching for students through the medium of Welsh.

The Further Education National Training Organisation (Fento) has drawn up its "National occupational standards for bilingual teaching and supporting bilingual learning in further education in Wales".

Fento national development officer for Wales Gavin Thomas said, "Teaching in FE involves working with a wide range of learners, using diverse methods of teaching and learning while responding to the linguistic needs of a bilingual community.

"Teachers are constantly assessing learners' needs and planning to meet those needs.

The ability of teachers to reflect upon their practice and to employ appropriate methods, therefore, is a crucial one which any set of standards would seek to promote.

"Change is endemic to the sector. Any standards, therefore, should seek to promote flexibility and adaptability.

"Indeed, as teachers and teaching teams frequently work in partnership with external groups such as employers and community groups, they should value collegiality and collaboration to ensure the relevance and responsiveness of their learning programmes. …