Naperville Annexes 36 Acres Containing Some Businesses

Article excerpt

Byline: Susan Stevens Daily Herald Staff Writer

Naperville will grow by 36 acres with the annexation of an industrial triangle on its northwest side.

The city council Tuesday unanimously approved the annexation of nine properties on North Aurora Road east of Route 59.

With a 10th property expected to come into the city, Naperville stands to reap nearly $300,000 annually in sales taxes and property taxes from the triangle.

The businesses include construction industries involving lumber, granite and marble; roofing and asphalt suppliers; and several commercial entities.

The city contacted the landowners in 2001 to ask them to voluntarily join Naperville. The properties will be zoned a mix of commercial and industrial.

At the request of the business owners, Naperville may relax its requirement to add sidewalks to the south side of North Aurora Road, where heavy truck traffic goes in and out of the industrial properties.

City attorneys will work on a deal so the landowners don't have to add sidewalks unless they redevelop the property. …