Geneva Aldermen Increase Burial Fees

Article excerpt

Byline: Tona Kunz Daily Herald Staff Writer

The annual ritual of reviving talk of increasing burial fees in Geneva finally went further than talk.

Aldermen unanimously voted this week to increase the cost of buying a plot for Genevans and the cost of opening the grave site when they die by $50 each. The cost of cremation went up $65, and infant burials has been increased by $115. Aldermen also followed the lead of neighboring towns and created a new price tier for those who haven't lived in Geneva. Plots now cost them $150 more.

"Although the cost of dying is going up, it is very comparable and probably overdue," City Administrator Phil Page said.

Plot prices last were raised by $100 in 1997. The new increases, ranging from 8 percent to 57 percent, bring Geneva closer in line with what its neighbors charge and still keeps the city's two public cemeteries cheaper than nearby private resting sites.

The discussion brought up the usual grumbles that with residents shouldering school referendums, utility increases and escalating property taxes as the area's value grows, the price of dying, at least, should remain stable. …