Association Executives Air Message Via In-Flight radio.(BUSINESS TIMES)(ADVERTISING &Amp; MARKETING)

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Byline: Donna De Marco, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) is taking to the friendly skies in a new in-flight radio-marketing effort.

The group, which represents about 25,000 association execs and suppliers, has partnered with California-based Sky Radio Network to develop an in-flight audio program highlighting the work of associations and nonprofits.

The program, "Answering America's call: Associations at work" is part of a long-running public awareness campaign by the D.C.-based ASAE. This leg of the campaign is focusing on "promoting the value associations bring to society," says Courtney Gardner, ASAE's director of public relations.

Mrs. Gardner says there's a perception that associations are just lobbyists but "we're trying to show what other things associations do" particularly their focus on volunteer efforts and education.

The audio program will begin running on American Airlines flights in August. The program will feature an introduction with ASAE's president and chief executive, Michael S. Olson.

The rest of the program will contain three- to five-minute segments featuring executives from groups like the Association for Information and Image Management, the Shrine of North America and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

"It is ASAE's role to promote what associations do on a daily basis to better their communities and this partnership with Sky Radio enables us to reach a significant segment of the public with that message," Mr. Olson said in a statement.

Sky Radio will begin production of the August program this month and already has association executives lined up for a new program in September, says Mitch Sodikoff, senior producer at Sky Radio, which produces in-flight business, technology, health and entertainment programs for American, United, Delta and Northwest airlines.

ASAE's program will broadcast on the Forbes Radio Business Channel, which is available to approximately 3.6 million passengers on more than 23,400 American Airlines flights worldwide. …