Football: SPL Rebels Are divided.(Sport)

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CRACKS are beginning to appear in the solidarity of the 10 SPL clubs who are threatening to quit the league and set up a new competition on their own.

Celtic and Rangers hopes of playing in either the Premiership or the Nationwide League were dealt a major blow last week when the English FA announced that it was against the Old Firm moving.

But instead of taking advantage of that red card, the unity of the 'rebel ten' appears to be crumbling.

Last week Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston insisted that the FA's statement meant the "Old Firm would have to eat large portions of humble pie".

But that sort of inflammatory language has upset several other chairmen, who believe that the Old Firm and the 'rebel 10' need to come up with a swift solution to a crisis threatening to cause irreparable damage to the Scottish game.

Livingston chief Dominic Keane is one of those who is unhappy with the rhetoric that is being employed and believes that the clubs must unite to try and secure a TV contract for next season.

Dundee chief executive Peter Marr is another who is running out of patience and others are slowly coming round to the same view. …