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0 teams bottom of the Premiership at Christmas have ever stayed up.

1 goal scored by a goalkeeper - Peter Schmeichel at Everton.

2 Abel Xavier scored with his only shot on target in the Premiership - and in the Champions League.

3 Craig Short was the only player to be sent off three times.

4 men scored with their only shot: Charlie MacDonald, Damien Johnson, Marvin Robinson and Peter Schmeichel.

5 Louis Saha hit the woodwork more times than any other player.

6 Manchester United lost six games at home - their most since 1977-78.

7 penalties at Stamford Bridge - more than at any other ground.

8 Fulham were involved in more 0-0 draws than any other side.

9 Andy D'Urso and Mike Riley sent off nine players each.

10 Newcastle won more games after going behind than any other side.

11 Most saves in a match - Ian Walker for Leicester v Villa.

12 Fredrik Ljungberg was the top-scoring midfielder with 12 goals.

13Arsenal set a new Premiership record with 13 successive wins.

14yellow cards for Robbie Savage. …