24/7: SEX CLUB 7; 24hrs a Day, 7 Days a Week .. Polly Graham Parties with the Stars to Reveal Who's at It, on It and Up for It; Girls Buy Kinky toys.(Features)

Article excerpt

Byline: Polly Graham

THE boys from S Club 7 shattered their squeaky clean image when they were arrested for smoking pot.

Now I'm afraid I'm going to dash the girls' saintly image by revealing that I've caught them buying kinky sex toys.

Hannah Spearritt and Jo O'Meara (so far Rachel Stevens and Tina Barratt have managed to maintain their saintly status) have each purchased top-of-the- range vibrators.

The brazen pair marched into ultra-hip sex toy and lingerie shop Myla in London's Notting Hill, a favourite of the likes of actress Sadie Frost and model Kate Moss.

The giggling singers then picked out two of the shop's most outlandish items.

Innocent-looking Hannah, 19, splashed out pounds 89 on an intriguingly-shaped blue Mojo vibrator. The five speed vibrating toy is made from soft silicone and is for "intimate and amusing use".

Happily, the website also reassures you that the novel item is "splash proof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth". Meanwhile 24-year-old Jo went for something even more bizarre - a vibrator ring costing pounds 149. …