Lawrence Criner - A Passionate Eye

Article excerpt

Lawrence Criner started out as a journalist. His working day was spent relating to the world through the written word. Then life threw him a hardball: he was struck with Parkinson's disease. "It has forced me to make many life changes, not the least of which is a perceptual shift in how I correspond with the world around me," says Criner, who is senior editor of the Modern Thought section at The World & I.

"Nowadays, my passion has turned increasingly to seeking truth and beauty through photography. Nature is perhaps the most vital metaphor for life." In it he sees the perpetual cycles of birth and death, agony and ecstasy.

"Actually, as a photographer I'm doing the same thing I did as a journalist," notes the Cheverly, Maryland--based artist. "Only now, using traditional film and digital media instead of language, I create a different kind of image.

"Many times I seek a fixed image, but what I usually find is the unexpected," he discloses. "The work in developing an image is just as important as what is in front of the lens." Maybe that's why photography is a fulfilling process of personal discovery for Criner.

"I'm always looking for shape, texture, and color, which come together through my eyes as a photographer," he reports. …